C4 Panels Announced

We have a small and concise selection of panels for you this year.

Kicking off at 11 am just 1 hour after C4 doors open…

11:00  Frank Miller’s 300: A Historical Perspective

Frank Miller’s 300 retells the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) when Persia invaded Greece and 300 Spartans fought valiantly to defend their homeland.  As it is a retelling of the battle, almost 2500 years later, it does take some liberties in its presentation and storytelling.  This presentation reviews 300, in light of the actual history that has been recorded by both Herodotus and present day historians.    The presentation will review the actual battle, the participants, and its outcome and then compare that history with Miller’s presentation, emphasizing both the similarities and the differences.

12:00  AGP Podcast

It’s Showtime!  Come join the members of AGP as they sit down and do a live podcast, right here at Champion City Comic Con. Who knows, maybe they might put you on the show.

1:00  Drawing Chibis Workshop

Learn to draw with this audience participation panel designed to teach you how to draw chibi-style characters. Todd Beistel (The Horror Show, Frank) will discuss his methods for creating chibis quickly using simple shapes that anyone can draw. Follow along or design your own. Be as creative as you like. We’ll provide the paper and pencils.

2:00  Video Gaming and Let’s Plays

Do you want to know what a Let’s Play is? Are you curious on how to record your own game play video? Do you just want to talk video games? Then join the Youtube gaming team AGP as they discuss their descent from fun loving amers into the world of streaming and recording their game play.

3:30 C4 Charity Live Auction

A C4 fan favorite tradition continues in 2017! Fans have raised $1000’s for various causes over our history. Frank Raynor and Raichal Gladman host this raucous charity fund raiser.

Join the Fun on Sunday at 3:30 in The Panel Room  at the end of that hall!

We are currently seeking items for the auction. If you have a comic related item from your collection you would like to donate to the auction email us at

Terms for payment are Cash or Credit Card.