Welcome Gem City Dating as sponsor of the GCCC!

We are excited to announce Gem City Dating as a Sponsor of the 2018 GCCC!!! We will be announcing a Gem City Dating Event to take place at the Gem City Come Con. Watching this space for details!

Is online dating getting you nowhere? You know that if you were able to just meet someone in person it would be much easier. What if you had the chance to meet multiple singles face to face? Gem City Dating is bringing you two opportunities to meet the person that you’ve been waiting for at the Gem City Comic Con.

You’ll have the chance to talk with up to 13 singles at each event and will even be provided with a list of great conversation starters. When your three minutes are up, you will discreetly mark on your scorecard whether you’d like to hear from that person again. To level out the playing field, we only send out information to the people you are interested in. For example, if Person A marked that they were interested in Person B, we would send the information of Person A to Person B. After you’ve met everyone, Gem City Dating goes to work! We collect and quickly analyze the scorecards and send out contact information via email within 24 hours. If there is a MATCH next to a name that means you both marked that you were interested in one another!

To register, please visit our website at If there are still open seats available we will take payment at the door.

Please have an email address ready that you feel comfortable giving out. We do not give out full names or phone numbers.

Start taking control of your dating life and take a break from online dating. What do you have to lose?

Link: Gem City Dating Events!