"Fast and accurate! I love that you list the certification numbers too"

"The comic came in today and looks great, thank you for everything.
I will keep checking your site for more comics to buy,
would very much like to do business again." 
"Thanks for the book! Packaged very well... Put me on your mailing list"
Got the package it was probably the best packed book i've gotten in a long time and will definitely be ordering again.
April 1st & 2nd, 2017
Dayton Convention Center
Dayton, OH

High Grade Comics

Gem City Comics is now selling CGC & CBCS graded comics. After years of traveling to shows and setting aside high grade comics, we now are grading them and making them available to you.

We know your standards are very high. To that end we will not be listing ANY book graded lower than 9.0. 

Head over to the shop and see what we have for you!

Our goal is to provide you great, high grade comics and a fantastic buying experience! 

Just one word of caution… This site and Point of Sale system are new to us. Until we start fulfilling some orders we won’t know where all the kinks are. I am 99% sure that this system is robust enough for this. We only ask for patience. 

We would be interested in any comments or suggestions concerning our performance




Why are you only selling graded comics?

A comic graded via CGC or CBCS has the added guarantee that comes with their grading service.             Customers can feel confident buying a comic online and knowing what condition it is in.

How will my comic be shipped?

Once you purchase your comic from us we will treat it as if it was ours. We know that many of these books are an investment. We will protect your investment, simply because we want you to invest with us again.

Each book that leaves our warehouse will be packed using high quality corrugated cardboard boxes, a ridged box reinforcement on top and bottom, styrofoam packing peanuts and bubble-wrap. In addition the graded book will come in a high quality Mylar bag.

Books will be sent USPS or UPS ground.  A Tracking Number will be made available to you.  

Do you combine shipping?

Right now we offer a flat rate for all shipping and handing. One comic or 20 we ship to you for $20 with insurance, tracking and signature confirmation. 

Can you send them "Media Mail"?

No. The rules for media mail exclude graded collectables. Sure I am pretty certain we could sneak one through but the one that gets sent back to us could be yours, Right?

Do you charge tax?

Yeah, We are based in Ohio. So, if you are in Ohio too, you will be charged Ohio Sales Tax. That’s the rules.

What is your return policy? 

Look, the book is graded by reputable grading services. We have a number of pictures (you can request more). My short answer is “No returns”.

I am not going to entertain the “This comic looks like an 8.0 not a  9.4” arguments or “This case is wobbly”.   

If your book is damaged in shipping (unlikely), it will have insurance and will refund you once the damaged book is returned to us. I have been sending comics and books around the country for 20 years. I have never had a book damaged or lost for that matter. I am not saying it doesn’t  happen, it  just has not happened to me.

If you change you mind about a book or whatever, just email us. We will work with you. You send it back within 3 weeks, we’ll give you your money back minus 5%. We want happy collectors, not bent collectors.

Where are you getting these prices?

We are pricing these books using a number of tools. The bottom line is “Historical Sales Data” and “Observed Sales Trends”.  Let me translate…

We use the GPA. We urge anyone serious about investing in comics to buy a membership. I can’t share that data with you here because, it is their data and loads of people pay for that info. It is not mine to share.

However, not all sales are reported and calculated by that service. That is the “Observed Sales Trends”. We do a lot of show, we sell a lot of books, we talk to a lot of people.  

Can you give me the grading notes, and census info?

No and sort of… Books graded by CBCS come with the graders notes. They are available online to who ever has the graded book’s serial number. Go to the website type in the serial number and the notes are there. Easy! 

Books graded by CGC require you to purchase the graders notes. But, CGC offers an verification service and census data, FREE. You only need to open an account. That is free too.

We provide you with CBCS and CGC serial numbers in the book’s description. 

Can we just meet up at a show?

We can… but there are a number of things that can go wrong on the road. Books get damaged. Schedules change. It really is just easier if we send you the book. But we can meet up!

Can I send you a Check?

We will look at other payment options later on down the road. For right now we are only using Paypal.

Do you buy graded books?

Absolutely! We buy graded, raw comics, magazines, trades, undergrounds… We’ll make an offer on  whatever you have to sell!

Click on any of the pictures to head into the shop!