When it comes to table top gaming there has never been a shortage of imagination; and much like, when it comes to creating these games, there is much detail and determination needed to make a game come to life. With little more than a piece of paper and a hand full of dice, the sky becomes the limit as to what you can create.
With this in mind, we at the The Gem City Comic Con are excited to announce its largest expansion to date with the creation of “The Game Developer’s Lab.” We have always been huge supporters of independent comic creators and are now extending that hand to the best independent game developers our community has to offer; so much so, that it was only logical that we bring independently created games to the Gaming Room at the Gem City Comic Con.
The idea is simple. While you are at The Gem City Comic Con you can experience new and innovative table top games designed by local game developers. You will be able to play test and demo newly created gaming systems, expansions and home-brews from innovative minds that aim to make their mark in the gaming world. Trading card games, role playing and even boardgames from all genres will await you this year at the 2018 Gem City Comic Con.
“The Game Developer’s Lab” will be available to all Gem City Comic Con ticket holders at no additional cost. It’s like two conventions in one! 

2018 GCCC Gaming Tournaments

Bell book and Comic will return to the Gem City Comic Con as the sponsor of the 2018 GCCC gaming Tournaments! Watch this space for updates!