2017 GCCC Gaming Tournaments

Bell book and Comic return to the Gem City Comic Con as the sponsor of the 2017 GCCC  gaming Tournaments! 

Pokemon League Cup

Pokemon League Cup

Saturday April 1st 2017
Standard Format
Entry: Masters $20, Junior/Seniors $10
Registration 11am to 12pm

Tourney Starts at 12 NOON

Star Wars Destiny

Sunday April 2nd at 10:15-4pm.

Attention all Star Wars Destiny Fans! Bell Book and Comic is set to rock the Gem City Comic Con with a BOOSTER BOX tournament on Sunday April 2nd at 10:15-4pm. Ticket purchase to the show grants admission to this CONSTRUCTED event! Sign up at Bell Book and Comic and get your ticket for the show now and register for the event. 

Format is 64 players MAX, with 6 rounds of Swiss style pairings, and a cut to the top 8. Top 8 will be a single elimination for a single winner getting a box of the newest set of boosters, Spirit of the Rebellion! (That’s 36 booster packs!!)

Other prizes to be announced day of event.

This event will be AWAKENINGS CARDS ONLY. No cards from Spirit of the Rebellion will be allowed. 

Your deck must consist of no more than 30 points of either Villain or Hero characters, and have exactly one Battlefield as well as 30 cards. Rounds will be standard 35 minutes. All rules published by FFG will be enforced; please note that your deck must be sleeved with all 30 cards having the same type, and Characters and Battlefield must have a different type. There will be sleeves on sale at Bell Book and Comic if you do have currently have those. 

Any questions concerning the event please email 

Remember folks; LIFE SHOULD BE MORE FUN!!”

All day Galatune Demos and Game Play



2-5 Players
30 minute gameplay
ages 10+

A game with simple enough gameplay for casual players and families new to tabletop, and yet rich enough strategy to challenge serious gamers. 2-5 players each lead a Champion warrior into battle and earn a Victory Point each time an opponent is defeated. The game doesn’t end for you when your Champion falls in battle. Instead, you just get back up on your feet, respawn your Champion, and continue fighting! You win the game by being the first to earn 3 Victory Points by defeating 3 opponents. Unlike most other battle card games where players take their turns one-at-a-time, in Galatune everyone attacks simultaneously! It’s an exciting formula that keeps the game moving and encourages players to predict and react to each other in real time.