Bob Hepner


Hailing from the crazy streets of Gary Indiana Bob Hepner AKA tattoo Bob decided to join the Navy After High School serving in the Panama War and the first Iraq War. After coming back home he decided to learn the art of tattooing and tattooed from 1991 two 2014 professionally. Tattooing such people as Mike Starr from Alice in Chains Dennis Rodman and currently have appointments with Kiss drummer Eric singer and rock goddess Lita Ford to name a few. After retiring from tattooing Bob submitted his portfolio to many celebrities as a fan getting the attention of more than a half-dozen of the celebrities at conventions such as Linda Blair, Danny Trejo to name a few. Day later they  ordering personal commissions from Bob. within three years he now has 400 clients worldwide . Many of them are the top rock stars and actors you see today such as personal commissions for Gene Simmons of Kiss, Eric singer of Kiss ,Lita Ford, Don Dokken ,Danny Trejo and recently doing a sketch for Ozzy Osbourne and his family of Jacks wedding. Bob then decided to set the Guinness World Record in Nashville doing a large sketch of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein . after Conquering the horror and sci-fi business Bob decided to submit his portfolio to the Topps and upper deck company to do artwork for Marvel and Star Wars. He was then accepted to do the Joe jusko honorary set for Marvel and then accepted to hundreds of cards for the new rogue One Star Wars series for Topps cards plus the walking dead and now hired too do bowman cards by topps for there 1951 styled cards.. To date Bob has done more than 10,000 drawings in the six and a half years since his retirement from the tattoo business.his artwork for the tattoo biz can bee seen sold in many of the top tattoo catalogs. And for many fans of The Walking Dead Frankenstein and the bride, The Phantom of the Opera ,  more than 33 movies he has done fan art for the tables of many of the top celebrities to sign at conventions and more than 2000 drawings and paintings for clients to get signed for shows and conventions. To date you can see Bob at many of the top conventions as a licensed artist for Marvel and Star Wars under Topps and upper deck logos. And a licensed artist for many of the top horror and Sci-Fi movies