Savvy creator, Brian Latimer, has taken his love of comics like The Sandman, Transmetropolitan, & The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenand applied his interest in telling stories with new takes on old genres to create The Remedy and Evillive.

The Remedy, the world’s very first real-life superhero, does her best to help the citizens of Dayton and be a point of hope and inspiration, but mostly becomes the target of attack from aspiring villainesses, a covert assassin, news reporters, and Beatrix, C.E.O. turned super-villain, willing to do whatever it takes to keep the limelight on herself. The Remedy examines what it takes for a real person to become a superhero, the logistics, moral dilemmas, and sacrifices of living an improbable lifestyle. Issues 1 & 2 are available, 22+ pages for $3.50. Recommended for mature readers.

Evillive is a rock’n’roll horror show about a female death metal trio that hunts demons. The prophecy of Revelation is coming to pass. The angels and demons are preparing for battle. All the parts are falling into place, except one: the Whore of Babylon wants nothing to do with this mess. Lauren, once known as Lilith, first wife of Adam, has spent eons as a succubus, spawning legions of monsters from the seed of mankind. But as time has passed, so has her hatred. Lauren has come to appreciate mankind’s ability to love and create art, and is more interested in ripping off searing solos on the guitar with her band mates, Eugenia & Freda, Brazilian ex-pats who play fast and hard. Evillive 1, 22 pages for $3.50. Parental advisory, contains explicit content.

Savvy will also have several pinups available for $5 each, as well as the Beatrix: Not for the Faint of Heart 2017 Champion City Exclusive Pinup, limited to 10, signed & numbered, $20.

Brian Latimer has been creating comics since 2004, including penciling Price for the Asking for Comic Related, art on Open Tree for Assailant Comics, and The Ghost and the Calendar Pinup for Double Barrel Theatre. After over a decade of development, Brian finally brought The Remedy to print in October, 2016. Brian proudly hails from Dayton, Ohio, with his wife, Alina, and their daughters.